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Today's fast growing technical world has completely changed the definition of software. Now software is not just an application program to manage your business task or not just a system software to run your computer hardware and computer software. But, is far beyond of what we think of today.

We offer a full product life-cycle service in development, underpinned by a solid business relationship, designed to give our customers the competitive edge. Our business relationships are built on long-term commitment, trust, and years of expertise. We listen carefully to your requirements and expectations, then work to support your business objectives. We Offer dedicated Team/Individuals to client to work on.

Our Advantages

We have more than 10 years of developpment experience. We are capable of developing applications based on Microsoft .NET and Open Source Technology and Languages. we have gained expertise in Deskktop application development, Web Application Development, CMS Developmentand Customization, Web Site Design.

We are capabale in designing and developing services which is ranging from Windows Service to Web Services (ASP.NET Web Service, WCF Service, WEB API)

We are always known for our cost effectiveness. Providing best possible service with in the affordable range of our customer's budget is one of the key of our business model. We provide service based on fixed price and on hourly basis, whichever fit best for our customer.

We are always available for you. Call us or write to us for the best price of your required service. You will never be disappointed.


“Its really good experience working with the team. They are good, fast and reliable... ”

N'Gai Cobb

“Excellent technology exposure, Always ready for new assignment... ”

Alfred Washington

“Nice to work with you. Will recommend your service to others... ”

Nicole Lim

About ITLabsIndia

ITLabIndia is a software outsourcing and custom sofware service provider, providing wide range of services based on Mirosoft .NET and Open Source Technology

With advancement of new technology, we always get updated and try our best to provide best possible services to our clients.

With more and more satisfied cutomers, We have successfully served customers in US, UK, Japan, Germany and Singapore.

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